Tutorial Part 1 : Making Mini Albums : Different ways of Using 12x12 Cardstock

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Hi All,
This is Priya here to share very interesting tutorial with you.  Most of the Papericious kits comes with 12x12 cardstock which we can use for layering and making base. But do you know that you can use these 12x12 sheets in different ways to create cute mini albums and journals? just score and cut in different ways to create super easy projects. Today I am sharing 2 of such ways to use those 12 inches cardstocks. In my next post I will share few more ways. I have used glossy cream cardstock from The Wedding Paper pack.
Also, I am showcase the newly release Let's Go Paper pack and chipboards which is actually on travel theme. So before you leave for any vacation, make few of these, put it in your backpack and document your journey along the way! How fun it will be!
Style 1 : 3 Flap Pocket Album
This is basically a 4 x 4.5 inches mini with 3 folding flaps and 9 pockets. You can add or reduce the number of pockets and decorate it as per your choice.
Procedure :
Here are the basic instructions on how to create it's base from 12x12 sheet of paper.
Step 1 : Score the paper as per the instructions shown in Pic A
Step 2 : Cut and fold along the scored lines as shown in Pic B.
You can enlarge the pics to look at the measurements and folds closely.
Here are few detailed pictures on how I decorated it. The Let's Go paper pack comes with diecut sheets as usual. It has very interesting journal cards which we can use as inserts and document our journey on it. This mini has extra space to keep extra stuff like pictures, tickets, etc.
The pack has pattern paper with boarding passes printed on it. I fussy cut these and used it as inserts. Fill up each boarding pass as you transit from one city to another. isn't it fun?
Here are few more pictures will all the inserts out.

Style 2 : Accordion Mini Book with gatefold cover 
This is about 3.5 x 3 inches book with a cover of about 4.5 x 4 inches.  The book is accordion in style which is very easy to make.
Procedure :
Here is a 3 step tutorial on how I created the base of it.
Step 1 : Score the 12x12 inches paper as shown in Pic A
Step 2 : Cut the paper as shown in Pic B. You will get 3 pieces; 2 for the inner accordion book and one for the cover
Step 3 : Fold the pieces as shown in Pic C and glue 2 end panels of accordion to make it one long accordion.
Now the base is ready and you can decorate it as per your liking.
Let's me unfold my mini now!
I decorated both sides of accordion. For this mini book, I didn't created any pockets. I rather created photo corners to add the photos for each destination I will visit. That's why I have numbered the opposite side of mini. The numbering can be treated as days like day 1, day 2 etc or like cities/places you will visit.
 The corners are glued only at the outer edges. The other side is left open to slide the photos in.

Products Used :
Papericious Let's Go Paper Pack
Papericious The Wedding Paper Pack
Papericious Let's Go Chipboards
Papericious Yellow Jute Cord

Sorry for the lengthy post. I hope you will give these minis a try. As I mentioned before, I will be sharing more ways to utilize 12x12 inches papers to  create fun and cute projects in my upcoming posts.

Have a great day!
- Priya 

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