Baby Banner with Papericious Baby collection pattern papers

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Hello Everyone!!!

I'm Manu here and I'm happy to be showcasing the Baby theme pattern papers that Papericious has launched!!! Papericious has 4 different Baby theme pattern papers (2 each of Baby boy and Baby girl), you can check them here at the Papericious website. I love both the collections since I love making scrapbook albums which happens to be my most favorite crafting adventures! 
When I was asked to showcase the Baby collection, I instantly knew what I would be making, it's a Baby Milestone Banner (Which I made for a dear Friend of mine as a gift for her really bubbly new born). 

Here's what I made with the Baby Girl stacks. I have used papers from Both the Baby Girl packs
Papericious Designer Edition Paper Pack  - Its a Girl and 
Papericious Designer Edition Paper Pack - Little Angel
The advantage one gets while getting the Little Angel pack is that it also has a very cute Embellishment sheet with it!! and I totally loved the embellies in that sheet. This packs makes up for the best thing to have when making a Baby album.

Here are the closeup pics!! 

In addition to using the Stacks, I was also asked to showcase the Embellishment sheet which was introduced with the Little Angel pack. 
I was a little apprehensive at first since I was kind of clueless on how to use the embellishments with a banner, and then a sudden Voila moment that I should make a Milestone banner!! 

Well, I'm gonna add the Baby's name before I send it off (I didn't do it before clicking the pics so that my surprise is intact till it reaches my friend)


This banner can also stock up pictures from the Baby's milestones getting completed... and that is pretty cool!!!

Or the other way to have fun with the banner is write down the milestone's special moments inside the circular domes provided!!! So it's kinda a special deal, either out up pictures or write down memories!!!

I have about 3 age milestones, 1 month, 6 month and 1 year and it's gonna be fun to put up baby's pictures and write down a little memory!!! 

And then there are 4 other milestones like, First Smile, Tooth, Walk, Word!! I'm surely making another one for my little one!

I hope my Friend likes the Gift and I'm looking forward to seeing how she uses the Banner, with pictures or with Sentiments!! But whichever way the banner will be put in use,  I had awesome fun making this lovely banner!!!

I hope you all liked my creation and yes, I'm off to packing this lovely one off and then will be looking for a reaction!!! 

Happy Crafting!


Bouquet of Memoirs

9:18 am Artforte 5 Comments

Hi everyone
We all have our moments of joy, ecstasy, sorrow, euphoria, love, longing, pain, pleasure... the list is endless. And such moments get etched in our soul for years. We desire to preserve such moments and gain inspiration from them...
Today I am presenting a 3-D Memoir box which can house, photos, letters, your notes, restaurant bills, movie stubs, boarding pass, and anything and everything that connects you with such enduring moments of your life's journey.

To make this unique "Bouquet of Memoirs" I have made a square flap box using Papericious pattern paper. The Papericious pattern paper, available in more then 20 different stacks options - each having 30 sheets lovely designs of papers. I have used The Flora Season stack to make this square flap box. The two top flaps have small flexible magnetic strip hidden between the pattern paper so that on closure the box flaps stick to each other.
This box has space enough to house your lovely memories - your most cherished photos, that restaurant bill of your first dinner date, that ticket of your first journey, even your diary pages, your best friends autograph -- anything that has left indelible impression on your heart and soul...

This box of Memoirs is pasted and housed in an outer box - again made using card stock and The Flora Season stack of Papericious pattern paper. The box cover is decorated using paper flowers matching the lovely pattern paper,embossing powder and lock and key trinkets matching the prized possession inside. The box top is finished by distressing it with the Tim holtz ink which is spread using Paperlicious  Blending Tool.
A must have tool introduced by Papericious which is sooo light weighted and can be easily used with blending foams for any type of precise inking, paints, etc.
Applying distress inks,  alcohol inks or paints is now mess free and easily available in India.
By using Papericious circular collage sheet and 3D Dome sticker( u can check the video tutorial on how to use these lovely collage sheet) ,I have added that unique feel to the whole creation.

 I hope you all liked my creation
Have A Nice Day!!

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New Product Launch - Papericious Blending Tools, and why are they the smart choice?

9:12 am Unknown 9 Comments

Hello and Good Morning! ^__^

I'm Halak and it is indeed an honor to present today's blogpost which is all about a fantastic new product developed at Papericious.

The Blending Tool!!

Yes, you can now buy a made in India ink blending tool without compromising on quality, right here at Papericious.

Look and Feel :
The tool comes in two variants, circle and rectangle which co-ordinate perfectly with the ink blending foam packs that are easily available in the market.
I selected the circular variety to work with so here is the image showing the tools that I received.

They come beautifully packed in a set of two, are made of good quality plastic and are sturdy.

My views on the blending tool :

The first thing I noticed on opening the pack was, that there was no staple pin to hold down the velcro to which foam has to be adhered.

I immediately went "wow" because this is a huge advantage. No staple meant smooth transition of changing foam while switching to a different color.
No more having to tug and worry about tearing or damaging foam / velcro.

The second thing was that I really dislike messy tools, I like to wash and keep them clean.
So having a tool in which where I can easily spot stains and clean is great, but having a tool that is white AND made of plastic which I can quickly wash with a bit of warm water and soap is AWESOME!!
Yes, Papericious really did think of everything while designing these!

So now that we have the basics covered, let me list down the advantages along with some fun projects and tid-bits!

1. It is awesome to work with! It is super lightweight, that enables me to work quickly and blend inks easily.

2. Also, because it is light, it allows me smooth blending of colors while going for an Ombre look.

Notice on this bookmark / tag, the colors have transitioned so easily (dark to light).
That was possible easily because the blending tool developed by Papericious is feathery light due to which I was able to exert minimum pressure as I moved towards the edges.

3. The blending tool has a great design, it allows for a comfortable grip and helps distribute ink evenly on the surface.

In this project I used the fade technique.
I picked a stencil and inked it up and  the design slowly faded away into the background.

Once again the Papericious tool gave great results without a hitch.

Also, the ink blending on the leafy die-cut stuck on top has been done with the blending tool. Pretty cool, what say?

4. I worked with only one blending tool and changed foams along the way.
I went through more than 4 colors of inks between the three projects and changing foams was a breeze because of it's strong velcro grip. (No staple pins, yay!)
Let me tell you, you will face absolutely no problems while changing the foam on your Papericious Blending Tool.

This project is the easiest of all 3, direct stamping and simple one color stenciling over it.
P.S. That floral die-cut which you see in black to the right, was originally white. I inked it up using the blending tool. ;)

If this has not convinced you yet, here are a few additional points...

5. The blending tool by Papericious is available at an AMAZING price! (MRP : Rs. 140/- for a set of TWO blending tools!!!)
Seriously guys, for the kind of quality that this product has, I was shocked when Aastha told me the MRP! This is super affordable for everybody.

6. It comes packed in a beautiful box. (Yes, it is AWESOME that the product is great but it also makes me happy to know that they have not ignored the packing.)
It has been well thought of too!
(We crafters LOVE things packed prettily, no?) ^__^

To sum it up, yes, it is a really good quality Blending Tool at a great price point, available in circle and rectangle shapes which co-ordinate perfectly with blending foams.
You saw what can be done with it. It is just 10% of what the tool can do for your projects. (Don't forget that it's easy to clean too!)

No, I am not saying that by being armed with this tool you will become a master artist.
All I am saying is that buying this tool will improve your work and get you there quicker. :)

Have a lovely day!

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Mixed media mobile holders + Circular collage sheets and 3D Dome stickers

4:17 pm Manu Gupta 4 Comments

Hello Everyone !!!

I'm Manu and I'm super excited to be a part of the amazing Papericious Team. You must have met all the Design Team members who will be showcasing their fabulous creations and I'm pretty happy and excited to be working alongside each one of them!!! I'm glad to be a part of Papericious and it will be awesome fun to bring some equally awesome products which Papericious is planning to launch in the future. 
I must say I was amazed at the designs and ideas that the Circular Collage Sheets and 3D Dome stickers offers which also happened to be the August Release from Papericious. They are economically priced and there are endless ways to use them in your projects. I'm sure you must have enjoyed the projects posted till date by the DT Members and I'm bringing you another fun filled way in which these Collage Sheets and the 3D Dome stickers can be used. There are a total of 14 different designs that have been launched and each is at par with one another. I love them all (*Wink)

My Idea was to use them as embellishments in my project and here's what I have made, a Few mobile hangers!!! I had been thinking of gifting a few to my family and loved making these with Papericious Pattern papers and using the Circular Collage sheets with the 3D dome stickers.

Here's a more closer look at the intricate emebllishments done on the mobile holders.

I simply loved the 'BE YOU' collage sheet and it has some pretty awesome designs with sentiments. 

Here's the complete view of the mobile holder.

The designs were super gorgeous and I could not resist making one more with 'Remember Forever' Collage sheet 

I hope you all loved what I did with my DT pack of the awesome Collage sheets and the 3D Dome stickers. I sure did had a blast making these pretties. Do let me know what you think of these pretty ones!!

Happy Crafting!


Circular Collage Sheets and Dome Stickers, some different possibilities!

10:14 am Unknown 10 Comments

Hello guys,

I am Halak and I gotta say, super excited to bring you this post on collage circles + 3D dome stickers!
Today I will be showing you some fun uses of these fantastic products that have been recently launched by Papericious.

So, let's get right to it!

Before we get to projects, I would like to tell you guys a few things... it's just so that the crafters new to the product can learn a bit about it and know it better...

Look and feel : The collage circles by Papericious, come in a set of two sheets containing two circles of different sizes.

Both sheets have same design, but the sizes of circles is different i.e. one sheet has 1" circles and the other sheet has 1.5" circles.

How to use : I don't have any circle paper punches or same size dies, so this is how I use my collage sheets...

1. Cut out roughly the design I want to use.

2. Decide whether to stick a dome sticker on it or not. (Really, they look GORGEOUS even without the dome stickers as you will see shortly, so to use stickers with collage sheets or not is entirely your choice!)

3. If I am using a dome sticker, I will stick it on top of my design.

4. Then, trim using scissors! :)

Vintage / steampunk fusion ATC.

Yes, I couldn't decide which style to go for so I fused them both into one deeply cool ATC!

Also included a close up pic!

Note : I have used 1" collage circle with 1" dome sticker and 1.5" collage circle with 1.5" dome sticker.
The name of the design is : VINTAGE TIME (#CCS103)

Here are the steps :

1. Readied my collage circles, layered them with dome stickers, trimmed them and kept them aside.
2. Created background using a stencil.
3. Colored a few gear-shaped die-cuts in brown and black ink and left them to dry.
4. Cut bits of Washi Tape.

5. Now this is cool... I began hunting for a paper that would go with my color theme but I realized I was out of browns and warm tones...

Then I noticed the awesome packing by Papericious...
They could have printed collage circles on plain white paper sheets but they did it on a very pretty pattern paper instead!!!

So... yup, you guessed it right... I trimmed that paper from the side of my collage sheet and used strips of it on the top and bottom of ATC! :D

6. Stamped sentiment on a piece of cardstock in waterproof ink, colored and distressed the cardstock + added tiny antique finish brads.

7. That's it, after this all that remained was assembling the project!

An I Miss You card! ^__^

Didn't I tell you that these collage circle sheets look GORGEOUS with / without the dome stickers?
Well here they are... with AND without dome stickers on my card.

Note : I have used two 1.5" collage circles (altered one circle and used the other as-is) WITHOUT the dome stickers.
These collage circles are from the sheet : PARIS (#CCS107)

I have used one 1" collage circle WITH 1" dome sticker.
This collage circle is from the sheet :  REMEMBER FOREVER (#CCS106)

Altered Collage Circle

Yup, I altered one 1.5" collage circle and made my very own customized mini postage stamp!

How did I do this?

Really Easy.
1. Cut one 1.5" collage circle into a rectangle and matted it onto white cardstock.
2. Cut in zig-zag pattern (with my standard pair of scissors, yes, I don't have one in a zig-zag pattern.)

Okay folks, so now with the altered collage circle detail out of the way, let me give you the list of steps to make this card :

1. Readied my collage circles, trimmed and kept aside.
2. Created the super cool postage stamp. (Yes, I do like it, A LOT!)

3. Created background with chalk pastels, distress inks and a stencil.
Also after it dried, stamped sentiment in waterproof ink.

4. Stamped and fussy cut heart and colored with gelatos and Staedtler color pencils.
5. Cut strips of washi tape.
6. Picked out some co-ordinating brads and flowers.
7. Assembled the card and added a couple of embellishments!

This sadly, brings me to the end of my post.
Honestly, I had a blast working with these products and I am sure you would too!
They were new to me also when I got them so don't be afraid to try and experiment!
Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

*Big hugs*

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Mixed Media frame with Circular collage sheet and 3D Dome Stickers

12:50 pm Artforte 6 Comments

A photo frame with one of your most cherished photograph is probably the best piece of decoration on the walls of your sweet home. More so if the frame is meticulously crafted with different hues of colors, papers, beads, flowers, all giving a mystique vintage look.
Presenting the mixed media photo frame using a novel new product from Papericious - Circular collage sheet and 3D Dome/Epoxy Stickers
In this photo frame, I have used various media like Papericious papers, paper flowers, MDF cutouts, cheese cloth, jute, lovely metallic trinkets, heart shaped buttons and beads,glitter, inka gold,gesso . All put together in a lovely unison of colors to give it a elegant and timeless look.

Also used in the frame is a novel product from Papericious – Circular collage sheet and 3D Dome/Epoxy Stickers. This lovely sticker makes the circular image underneath stand out and noticed and adds that extra glamour to your classic creation.

And also I’m going to share a video tutorial ( my first ever video tutorial, so please bear my mistakes), how I have used this Circular Collage sheet with 3D Dome stickers

I hope you all will like my work and would love to hear from my friends.

Have A Nice Day!!
Happy Crafting!!

Love N Regards

Shalini Pahwa/artforte


Introducing Circular collage sheets and epoxy stickers

11:28 am Nikkita 23 Comments

Hello Crafty Peeps
Today the Papericious Team is introducing a brand new set of products which includes the collage sheets and epoxy dome stickers.

Circular Collage sheets comes in 14 new designs and each design had two sizes of the themed wise images
1.5 inches and 1 inches , all themes are available separately in two sizes you can select yours.

Now the, Epoxy dome stickers - these are transparent dome stickers available in two sizes 1.5 inch and 1 inch .
I loved using these two products and you can make loads of embellishments , cards , tags , stickers , badges and all lot of things.

Here is my take with these two amazing products.

A simple note card

Charmed pendants 

Charmed bracelet

Key ring

Album closure charmed lock

Die-cut embellishment

Fridge magnet

Die-cut embellishment

epoxy embellishments

Hope you like my take on the sheets and epoxy dome stickers.

Do leave some love.

Happy Crafting