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Hello Everyone!!!

I'm Manu here and I'm happy to be showcasing the Baby theme pattern papers that Papericious has launched!!! Papericious has 4 different Baby theme pattern papers (2 each of Baby boy and Baby girl), you can check them here at the Papericious website. I love both the collections since I love making scrapbook albums which happens to be my most favorite crafting adventures! 
When I was asked to showcase the Baby collection, I instantly knew what I would be making, it's a Baby Milestone Banner (Which I made for a dear Friend of mine as a gift for her really bubbly new born). 

Here's what I made with the Baby Girl stacks. I have used papers from Both the Baby Girl packs
Papericious Designer Edition Paper Pack  - Its a Girl and 
Papericious Designer Edition Paper Pack - Little Angel
The advantage one gets while getting the Little Angel pack is that it also has a very cute Embellishment sheet with it!! and I totally loved the embellies in that sheet. This packs makes up for the best thing to have when making a Baby album.

Here are the closeup pics!! 

In addition to using the Stacks, I was also asked to showcase the Embellishment sheet which was introduced with the Little Angel pack. 
I was a little apprehensive at first since I was kind of clueless on how to use the embellishments with a banner, and then a sudden Voila moment that I should make a Milestone banner!! 

Well, I'm gonna add the Baby's name before I send it off (I didn't do it before clicking the pics so that my surprise is intact till it reaches my friend)


This banner can also stock up pictures from the Baby's milestones getting completed... and that is pretty cool!!!

Or the other way to have fun with the banner is write down the milestone's special moments inside the circular domes provided!!! So it's kinda a special deal, either out up pictures or write down memories!!!

I have about 3 age milestones, 1 month, 6 month and 1 year and it's gonna be fun to put up baby's pictures and write down a little memory!!! 

And then there are 4 other milestones like, First Smile, Tooth, Walk, Word!! I'm surely making another one for my little one!

I hope my Friend likes the Gift and I'm looking forward to seeing how she uses the Banner, with pictures or with Sentiments!! But whichever way the banner will be put in use,  I had awesome fun making this lovely banner!!!

I hope you all liked my creation and yes, I'm off to packing this lovely one off and then will be looking for a reaction!!! 

Happy Crafting!

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1 comment:

  1. Awesome Manu! :) Beautiful baby banner! I also love the fact that the stacks contain embellishment sheet!