New Product Launch - Papericious Blending Tools, and why are they the smart choice?

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Hello and Good Morning! ^__^

I'm Halak and it is indeed an honor to present today's blogpost which is all about a fantastic new product developed at Papericious.

The Blending Tool!!

Yes, you can now buy a made in India ink blending tool without compromising on quality, right here at Papericious.

Look and Feel :
The tool comes in two variants, circle and rectangle which co-ordinate perfectly with the ink blending foam packs that are easily available in the market.
I selected the circular variety to work with so here is the image showing the tools that I received.

They come beautifully packed in a set of two, are made of good quality plastic and are sturdy.

My views on the blending tool :

The first thing I noticed on opening the pack was, that there was no staple pin to hold down the velcro to which foam has to be adhered.

I immediately went "wow" because this is a huge advantage. No staple meant smooth transition of changing foam while switching to a different color.
No more having to tug and worry about tearing or damaging foam / velcro.

The second thing was that I really dislike messy tools, I like to wash and keep them clean.
So having a tool in which where I can easily spot stains and clean is great, but having a tool that is white AND made of plastic which I can quickly wash with a bit of warm water and soap is AWESOME!!
Yes, Papericious really did think of everything while designing these!

So now that we have the basics covered, let me list down the advantages along with some fun projects and tid-bits!

1. It is awesome to work with! It is super lightweight, that enables me to work quickly and blend inks easily.

2. Also, because it is light, it allows me smooth blending of colors while going for an Ombre look.

Notice on this bookmark / tag, the colors have transitioned so easily (dark to light).
That was possible easily because the blending tool developed by Papericious is feathery light due to which I was able to exert minimum pressure as I moved towards the edges.

3. The blending tool has a great design, it allows for a comfortable grip and helps distribute ink evenly on the surface.

In this project I used the fade technique.
I picked a stencil and inked it up and  the design slowly faded away into the background.

Once again the Papericious tool gave great results without a hitch.

Also, the ink blending on the leafy die-cut stuck on top has been done with the blending tool. Pretty cool, what say?

4. I worked with only one blending tool and changed foams along the way.
I went through more than 4 colors of inks between the three projects and changing foams was a breeze because of it's strong velcro grip. (No staple pins, yay!)
Let me tell you, you will face absolutely no problems while changing the foam on your Papericious Blending Tool.

This project is the easiest of all 3, direct stamping and simple one color stenciling over it.
P.S. That floral die-cut which you see in black to the right, was originally white. I inked it up using the blending tool. ;)

If this has not convinced you yet, here are a few additional points...

5. The blending tool by Papericious is available at an AMAZING price! (MRP : Rs. 140/- for a set of TWO blending tools!!!)
Seriously guys, for the kind of quality that this product has, I was shocked when Aastha told me the MRP! This is super affordable for everybody.

6. It comes packed in a beautiful box. (Yes, it is AWESOME that the product is great but it also makes me happy to know that they have not ignored the packing.)
It has been well thought of too!
(We crafters LOVE things packed prettily, no?) ^__^

To sum it up, yes, it is a really good quality Blending Tool at a great price point, available in circle and rectangle shapes which co-ordinate perfectly with blending foams.
You saw what can be done with it. It is just 10% of what the tool can do for your projects. (Don't forget that it's easy to clean too!)

No, I am not saying that by being armed with this tool you will become a master artist.
All I am saying is that buying this tool will improve your work and get you there quicker. :)

Have a lovely day!

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  1. thanks halak..
    nicely explained post..
    looking forward to use these tools.. :)

  2. Awesome presentation...and tags are soooo beautiful

  3. Wow.. awesome post and so very well explained!! I'm sure m gonna buy more of these now!

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