Circular Collage Sheets and Dome Stickers, some different possibilities!

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Hello guys,

I am Halak and I gotta say, super excited to bring you this post on collage circles + 3D dome stickers!
Today I will be showing you some fun uses of these fantastic products that have been recently launched by Papericious.

So, let's get right to it!

Before we get to projects, I would like to tell you guys a few things... it's just so that the crafters new to the product can learn a bit about it and know it better...

Look and feel : The collage circles by Papericious, come in a set of two sheets containing two circles of different sizes.

Both sheets have same design, but the sizes of circles is different i.e. one sheet has 1" circles and the other sheet has 1.5" circles.

How to use : I don't have any circle paper punches or same size dies, so this is how I use my collage sheets...

1. Cut out roughly the design I want to use.

2. Decide whether to stick a dome sticker on it or not. (Really, they look GORGEOUS even without the dome stickers as you will see shortly, so to use stickers with collage sheets or not is entirely your choice!)

3. If I am using a dome sticker, I will stick it on top of my design.

4. Then, trim using scissors! :)

Vintage / steampunk fusion ATC.

Yes, I couldn't decide which style to go for so I fused them both into one deeply cool ATC!

Also included a close up pic!

Note : I have used 1" collage circle with 1" dome sticker and 1.5" collage circle with 1.5" dome sticker.
The name of the design is : VINTAGE TIME (#CCS103)

Here are the steps :

1. Readied my collage circles, layered them with dome stickers, trimmed them and kept them aside.
2. Created background using a stencil.
3. Colored a few gear-shaped die-cuts in brown and black ink and left them to dry.
4. Cut bits of Washi Tape.

5. Now this is cool... I began hunting for a paper that would go with my color theme but I realized I was out of browns and warm tones...

Then I noticed the awesome packing by Papericious...
They could have printed collage circles on plain white paper sheets but they did it on a very pretty pattern paper instead!!!

So... yup, you guessed it right... I trimmed that paper from the side of my collage sheet and used strips of it on the top and bottom of ATC! :D

6. Stamped sentiment on a piece of cardstock in waterproof ink, colored and distressed the cardstock + added tiny antique finish brads.

7. That's it, after this all that remained was assembling the project!

An I Miss You card! ^__^

Didn't I tell you that these collage circle sheets look GORGEOUS with / without the dome stickers?
Well here they are... with AND without dome stickers on my card.

Note : I have used two 1.5" collage circles (altered one circle and used the other as-is) WITHOUT the dome stickers.
These collage circles are from the sheet : PARIS (#CCS107)

I have used one 1" collage circle WITH 1" dome sticker.
This collage circle is from the sheet :  REMEMBER FOREVER (#CCS106)

Altered Collage Circle

Yup, I altered one 1.5" collage circle and made my very own customized mini postage stamp!

How did I do this?

Really Easy.
1. Cut one 1.5" collage circle into a rectangle and matted it onto white cardstock.
2. Cut in zig-zag pattern (with my standard pair of scissors, yes, I don't have one in a zig-zag pattern.)

Okay folks, so now with the altered collage circle detail out of the way, let me give you the list of steps to make this card :

1. Readied my collage circles, trimmed and kept aside.
2. Created the super cool postage stamp. (Yes, I do like it, A LOT!)

3. Created background with chalk pastels, distress inks and a stencil.
Also after it dried, stamped sentiment in waterproof ink.

4. Stamped and fussy cut heart and colored with gelatos and Staedtler color pencils.
5. Cut strips of washi tape.
6. Picked out some co-ordinating brads and flowers.
7. Assembled the card and added a couple of embellishments!

This sadly, brings me to the end of my post.
Honestly, I had a blast working with these products and I am sure you would too!
They were new to me also when I got them so don't be afraid to try and experiment!
Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

*Big hugs*

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  1. Awesome post Halak, very well explained and superb execution..:)

    1. Thank you so much Aastha! :) Thrilled that you liked it!

  2. Awesome post Halak!! loved the postage stamp idea!! :)

  3. It's beautiful and very well explained

    1. Thank you Shalini! :) I really enjoyed making these projects!

  4. Beautiful cards Halak but specially loved the way u explained..!!

    1. Thank you so much Shalu! I am glad you liked it! ^__^