My Golden Garden with butterflies!

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Hello hello!

Once again, it's me Halak and Iet me warn you.... I definitely will be breaking some of your notions and ideas today pertaining to crafting.

Crafting is for experts.
Nope, not at all, it is for everybody, is easily accessible and a stress buster.

It takes up a lot of time!
Hell no! ^__^ Stay with me and I will prove you wrong!

Materials are always expensive.
Nope... you don't need to spend a bomb for quality products.
(The Papericious embellishment sheet that I used today, barely costs Rs. 120/-.)

I will take you through two projects...
A fun take on a traditional Christmas decoration - The Wreath
A Bonus Project, classic Halak style!

So what are we waiting for... let's get to it.

The Wreath has cool step by step photos and I will be giving written step by step instructions for both projects. (Bonus project is pretty self-explanatory so just one picture there!)

The Wreath - (Project #1)

You know, this pretty wreath base is made out of recycled material. An old packing cardboard box that I had.
(Create Art + Save the environment, is that awesome or what!)

I cut up a part of the box and drew a 5.5" circle on it and cut it out. (Using a rounder from an old geometry box)

I drew another circle using the same point as center within the bigger circle. This circle was 3.5".

Then, I cut this smaller circle too which created this ring. (Reminds me of a donut, so let's just call it that!)

Here's the picture.

So with the base for my Wreath ready, I began gathering the pretty decorations that'd go on top of this.

1. The embellishments I fussy-cut from the beautiful Papericious embellishment sheet - My Golden Garden.
(It's a pack of 2 sheets having the same design and is absolutely GORGEOUS!)
IT IS JAM PACKED with loads of designs so all you gotta do is fussy-cut them.

Here are my beautiful embellishments all ready to be adhered onto the project.

Look at them... soooo very pretty!

2. After this is done, all you need are a couple of flowers in different sizes and some sequins.
(Those teeny tiny butterflies that you see are punched out using Papericious Vintage Attire paper stack!)

I love the whole white Christmas, golden glow theme so I used golden sequins, but hey, you can pick whatever color you like!

Here are the additional embellishments.

So now we are all set...

What to do now?
Just layer the pretty Papericious embellishments and the additional assortments in a way and pattern you fancy.

It could be so much fun sitting to craft this with your kid and letting them pick and arrange stuff! ^__^

Here you can see I layered the Papericious embellishments and the flowers first.

Once I was pleased with the arrangement, I glued it down (using fevicol) and finished it off with some sequins.

And there you have it! One easy peasy project that looks pretty, is cost effective and takes barely 25 mins to make!

(As an afterthought, I also added some flowersoft in the inner circle edge of the wreath, {see first pic} but you could also use glitter or flocking powder... or, just leave it as-is like how you see in this last picture!)

Tips : I made this small Wreath for my cupboard but you can make a bigger one for your room door or make tiny ones and adhere them to cardstock to make beautiful Christmas greetings too! ^__^
Also, because it has an unconventional design, you can keep this all year around and not just during Christmas!

Now, when I finished this project, I had some Papericious embellishments remaining.
(I punched out some more butterflies from the GORGEOUS Vintage Attire paper stack, took some pink rhinestones, inked up a stamp and got to my second project!)

Project #2


^__^ Simple little card just created to brighten your day and inspire you.

Here's how I made this :

1. Stamped Sentiment

2. Placed butterflies (punched out from Papericious Vintage Attire Paper Stack)
(Yes, don't give me that look. I am smitten by this paper stack..
Absolutely LOVE it!)

3. Placed my remaining embellishments from Golden Garden embellishment sheet.

4. Glittered up the word "Be" and the two big blue butterflies in white glitter and added the remaining golden sequins + 2 pink rhinestones.

5. The border at the bottom you see is a 1" tacky tape covered with golden glitter! (Yes, it is that easy!)

Total time taken for Project #2 = 12 minutes.

So you see, it's not as tough as it seems. Dream, imagine, create, recycle and have a lot of fun!

Till next time! *Hugs*

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  1. Both of your projects are beautiful Halak ...Love the wreath idea and the way you have embellished it !!

  2. Wow... lovely card Halak, I love the simplicity attached with it!
    The Wreath looks gorgeous too!

  3. I love it and I agree with all the points you said in the beginning about crafting!!
    Dr Sonia

    1. Thank you so very much Dr. Sonia! ^__^ I love your projects! You always try and recycle something and give it new life! It is what inspired me to recycle too! *Big Hugs* <3