A Card, with a twist!

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Hello and Good Morning! ^__^

I'm Halak and I'll be taking you through one really fun project AND a bonus project with step by step instructions!

Papericious has come up with two beautiful premium paper stacks Vintage Attire and My Golden Garden along with matching embellishment packs to co-ordinate with both the packs, sold separately.

For my project this is the GORGEOUS sheet that I used from Vintage Attire. (I'll have to admit here that I sobbed while cutting paper from this stack... it is my favorite out of all the Papericious stacks and I just wanted to hoard it till the end of time!)

Hmm... I know what you are thinking... It looks like a normal card.... what's the twist?!

BOOM! Check it out! (And you thought it's all rainbows and butterflies!)

The front tag is held by a brad that swivels to reveal a hidden space behind it with an additional message.

Ha ha.. so you see, sometimes a funny card is all you need to cheer someone up!

Let's get to the steps!

1. On white cardstock base I covered half side with yellow distress ink and the other half with Papericious Paper.
Tip : To make this card, get a good quality thick cardstock for base as it helps hold the layers of paper together better and avoids warping.

2. Added a bit of red ink with a water brush and some texture using stencils with brown and black distress inks.
(Not only does Papericious paper take inks really well, but it is also, Acid and Lignin free!)

3. Stamped a goofy looking dazed birdie and colored him up and adhered to project.
Tip : I used red, yellow and green for my project, so I colored the bird using the same color combo to make the card one cohesive piece.

Birdie, stamped and ready to color!

4. After this I fussy-cut some embellishments from Vintage Attire and My Golden Garden.
(These are AWESOME, they match and compliment the paper stacks beautifully and stamping on the labels to make your custom die-cuts is a breeze!)

Here are the embellies.... oh-soooo-pretty!

The sentiment I used is : "You're Super Old."

So, I stamped "You're Super" on the label and "Old." went on top of the birdie in the hidden space.

5. Adhered the embellishments onto the tag using fevicol and added a tiny black brad to affix the tag onto the project.

And that's it! Easy peasy!

Of course I used the Papericious Ink Blending Tool for all the stenciling and color blending that I did on the card. It's really awesome, available in circle / rectangle shape and if you haven't got it yet, well, what are you waiting for?! ^__^

BONUS project!

The embellishment sheets were so awesome and for the first time in my life, I didn't struggle with fussy cutting so I went ahead and made another project!

Here it is!

A thank you card.

I love stamping... and if it were up to me, I'd stamp even the walls of my house... but you know... sometimes we have such time constraints that getting out all craft supplies and making a card is practically impossible!

What to do?
Fear not! Papericious to the rescue!

What I have done is cut up the beautiful flowers and label from Vintage Attire, stamped sentiment on label, added a piece of pattern paper (from the lovely My Golden Garden paper stack), added a couple of sequins and sprinkled some glitter on red tacky tape on top left of the card to add a bit of sparkle!

That's it! Super easy and takes just 15 mins to make!

So... I guess that's it for today... till next time folks!
Hope you enjoyed reading it and that it inspired you to create something new!

*Big Panda Hugs*

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  1. The papers are indeed very pretty!
    Dr Sonia

    1. Yes Dr. Sonia! This September release is my favorite! ^__^ Oh and the matching embellishments... sooooo pretty!!!!

  2. Both your cards are just beautiful and fun :) ..love the way you have mixed and matched the different patterns ..Looks so trendy !!

    1. Thank you so much Hussena! Thrilled that you liked them! Was confused at first as to which theme should I select for my swivel card.... thought of funny and I sure am glad that I did! ^__^ The second card was pure crafting on the go during time constraints!

  3. super awesome cards... specially loved the black one .. :P

    1. :* Thank you dear Nikki! I know you love the color black, so I'm really glad you liked the card! <3

  4. Beautiful cards Halak :) the swivel card was super fun with the sentiment twist & vibrant cheery colours :)

  5. Beautiful cards Halak :) the swivel card was super fun with the sentiment twist & vibrant cheery colours :)

  6. Beautiful cards Halak :) the swivel card was super fun with the sentiment twist & vibrant cheery colours :)