“The Papericious Goodie Box”

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Hello Dear Freinds,

Shalini Pahwa hereBirthday party or any other party hosted by you is incomplete without a return gift to all your loved ones who were a part of your rejoicing. Today I present you with a box which can be used as a return gift or goodie box. Its very simple to make but yet is creative and would surely impress your guests.

It’s simple because almost all the materials used for making this box – the pattern paper, chip board swirl, fabric flower etc., are all available from Papericious. Hence I am calling this “The Papericious Goodie Box”

To make this box, I have taken a card stock measuring 8.5"x6.375"for lid and for base11"x8.25" and covered it with the latest stack from Papericious – “Femina Collection”. The cardstock is then scored and folded to make the box. The top of the box is embellished with chip board Swirl from Papericious. I have decorated the top with laces and Papericious sequins. The closure of the top is covered with brightly colored fabric flower available in fabric flower collection of Papericious. You can also decorate it with other embellishments available in Papericious collection.

Although easy to make, this box would have a long lasting impact with your guests. Bowl them over at the next party with this Papericious Goodie Box.

I hope you all will love this creation and would love to hear your comments.
Visit www.papericious.com for wonderful collection.

Papericious Products Used:

Have A Great Day!!!

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