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Hello friends,
This is Hussena here and today I am sharing with you all the first look and all the details of the newly launched Retro Chic Planner.

A few days ago a good friend and fellow blogger Arjita did a short video of the unboxing of this planner where she has shown what you can expect when you purchase this planner kit. Her video is very crisp and clear about the contents of the planner and she shares some tips too on how she plans to use it. I would definitely urge you to check out her video HERE
Having said this let's begin by seeing what this planner looks like and what accessories you get with it.This is a picture heavy post so please be patient with it :)

This is how the planner looks like, it's a light beige in color and quite big in size .The outer cover is really soft and it handles quite well.

 You get  4 pack of accessories with this planner and it includes 2 Stickers sheets, one Hole-Guard sheet and one Journal sheets pack.

When you open the planner there is a side pocket on the right hand side to keep all your accessories like die cuts, tags, bookmarks and even these stickers sheets. The left hand side is the side with the journal cover or the first page insert.

Next is the monthly planner page which gives a overview of the entire month.This entire planner is meant for 6 months only and the best part is you can start using the planner from any month of the year as there are no dates given. You can customise the month and dates according to your personal preference.

 There is a "Things to accomplish" page where you can jot down your monthly or yearly goals too.

  These are the weekly pages, each month has 4 weekly pages done in the beautiful vintage style.

This is the monthly blog schedule page and also a page to note down all the challenges that are taking place in the blogland. This page is a boon to all the bloggers as it will really help you to keep track of all your scheduled posts as well as help you remember the current challenges in which you might want to participate.

This is a monthly notes page where you can write down notes of how your month was and what you have accomplished in that particular month ...On the other hand, it can also be used to jot down your favorite memory or even your favorite recipe too. The sky is the limit :)

This is the last page of the journal and on the left hand side there is a pen holder to help keep a pen with you at all times.

Now, here's a look at how I have started to use this planner. I am still in the basic stage of using it and will be including a lot of details in my second post in the meantime here's how I have started decorating the insides of it. 
I have put some die-cuts and sticker sheets on the left hand side pocket and created my own cover page on the left hand side by using the pattern paper from the recently released If Only collection.

Here I have marked a few of the important dates for the month of February.

 The important days for the first and second week of february which I have highlighted using some stamping and doodling.

The page for blog schedule and challenges :

As you can see, I have just started using this planner and I have still to fully use it, but I promise in my second post I will share with you more ideas on how to decorate the insides of your pages using the stickers in this planner kit.

Hope you all enjoyed the overview of this planner and have got a general idea on how this planner looks when you purchase it.

My team mate Manu has done an awesome post and video on the how the Color Splash Planner looks like and how she has been using it. Hope you have checked it out. Also stay tuned as my other teamies has a lot more information to share on how to use these planner !
Have a nice day everyone.

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