Bookmarks and their usage in Planners

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Hello Everyone!!

This is Manu here and i'm going to showcase how you can use bookmarks in your planners. My first detailed post about the color splash planner by Papericious can be seen here where I have covered an in-depth view of how to use the planners and I also have a few videos and an extensive view of how I'm using my color splash planner.
I'm sure that you must be enjoying the pretty planners that Papericious has launched, they have come up with two amazing planners, a colorful one called Color Splash and a vintage one (for the very first time) called as Retro Chic! Both are amazing and by now you might have had a look of both in the planner inspiration posts done by my fellow DT's .

I'm going to show you how I  use the bookmarks in my planner. Nothing very fancy, but it's all handmade!!! 

I have made about ten bookmarks and a few are a little different from one another. I also have a little fun technique done on how to make the bookmark last longer and avoid them being teared !

You can see a peeping head on top of the planner and a few on top of the planner. Letme show you the insides.

I wanted a few personalized bookmarks and I made then using a papericious panel and the stamps.

I kept it very very simple, nothing tooo fancy, it has some of the quotes that I really like! 
Now I also wanted this bookmark to last longer, hence I laminated it!! okay, it's not a store done lamination, but a very simple and pocket friendly which I did. I covered it up with Cellophene Tape!! Now that is sure easy peasy and it sure protects your bookmarks! 

Once I was done with how I wanted the bookmark to be, I punched the holes and slided it inside!
Notice the little label? I kept that to scribble something on it with the white board marker. Easily erasable since I have the tape on the complete bookmark! 

I also wanted a prima doll (and this stamp is a gift from a dear friend and I love this one to the core) so I used a bookmark that was included in the kit and stuck the prima doll on top. 

Here's another bookmark!!! I have always loved the Mason Jar's and I was sure I needed this one in the planner!

I made my own Shopping list panel!!! 

and here's a MENU planning bookmark that I did!!! The good thing about these bookmarks is that they are re-writable and can also flop from one week to another!! So I need not make a  new one each week!

Here are a few more bookmarks that I made!!! 
See that butterfly, bunny and the apple one?? They are all handmade!!! All I did was to stamp the images I like, color the, protect them with the tape and then mounted them on to the u-clips that one can get in the local store!!! 

The Bunny with the quote and the one with flower is made in a little different way! I took a bookmark that came along and folded it in half, then using some magnetic tape, I cutted out strips of magnetic tape and glued it to the inside of the folded bookmark on both the sides!! Now, you can embellish the bookmark!! Easy peasy, Isn't it??

I'm sure your must have liked the little itty bitty things I have done to make my planner all bright and fun looking!!! Who says that the planning part is boring and dull?? It's all fun and super exciting to do when you all a few things to jazz up and color the planners!!
I do hope you all would love to make a few things for your planners too!! I hope you do!! 
Do letme know if you liked the post and until next time!!

Happy Crafting!!

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  1. Wow...great ideas for making bookmarks and page dividers...loved the cellophane tape idea...Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a fantastic idea and absolutely love those pretty bookmarks. Thank you so much for sharing such fun ideas!

  3. Love those bookmarks Manu! The vibrant colors look super fun! Thank you for sharing! ^__^ <3 *Hugs*

  4. The book marks are super cute,again a superb post