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Hi! I'm Halak and today I'm going to be talking about one of the accessories that come with the Papericious Planners, the stickers!

With the Color Splash planner kit, you get 5 sticker sheets.

Out of the 5 sheets, 4 sheets are co-ordinating set of icons, tags etc. that beautifully match the planner colors.

The 5th sheet is a sheet consisting of fun words in different fonts that enable the planner user to add a special touch to happy occasions.

You can view the co-ordinating sheets above and here's a picture of the 5th sticker sheet :

Okay, so the next question... what do I do with these stickers? Do I need anything more before I sit to start jotting down stuff in my planner?

To be honest, apart from the stickers in the Papericious Planner Kit, you don't really need to purchase additional stickers.

All I did was dug up some colorful stickers, washi tape, some colorful plastic tags and ribbon from my stash.

I did purchase the pen though, just bought one that has 7 colorful refills in it.

Check it out :

So with all the materials I needed to jazz up my planner, I sat down to do some planning.

Here's the first page :

Oh yeah, lol... read up the deets of my life, you know you want to!

But on a serious note, notice the small birthday present sticker when I wrote down about birthdays, and similarly, the checklist sticker when I was talking about stuff I want to learn or be better at!
(Also put down a shopping cart sticker for the part where I put down what I wanted to purchase.)

Here is an Icon sticker break-up for better understanding :

I will also be showing you how I planned this ongoing week in my planner where you can see how stickers are used but before that, let's check out some top tips.

Top Tips for Planners :

1. Don't go crazy purchasing stickers, an additional pack or two is okay, but really, the Papericious Planner kit has all the stickers you will need.

2. Try not to over-embellish your planner pages, the aim is to decorate it lightly so that checking out the things-to-do does not seem plain and boring.

3. If you purchase stickers, do not opt for thick chunky ones. Remember, when it comes to planners, less is more, so the flatter the stickers, the better.

4. Papericious stickers are of excellent quality, have good adhesive, bond well with paper and are easily removable from the backing sheet, however the local stickers I purchased did not have good adhesive.

So, if you purchase stickers locally which are of no-so-good quality, use a little glue on them before you stick them down. That way they will stay put.

Here's my current week, you can see how I used stickers here and get an idea. I like to plan on sunday for the entire week and keep ticking off items as I finish them but really, it's upto you on how you use your planner as long as it helps you keep a track of things!

I hope this post was informative and helped you gain a little insight and information with respect to the stickers and their usage in planners!

Till next time dear friends! *Hugs*

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  1. What a totally fantastic post, Halak! I absolutely love the way you explained the use of stickers for the Color Splash Planner & thank you so much for all the details. This is an awesome, awesome post. :)

    1. Thank you dear Hussena! ^__^ I am glad you liked it! *Hugs* <3

  2. Fabulous post Halak, love this!! Thanks for sharing this very useful information.

    1. Thank you so much Shilpa! ^__^ *Big Hugs* <3

  3. Ohh wow!! super cute and I totally loved the explanations on how and when to use the icons!! Big panda hugs toyou dear !

    1. Thank you so much dear Manu, I'm glad you liked it! ^__^ *Big Panda Hugs to you too my friend!*