Mini Mail Box - Tutorial

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Hello people!
Chirali here with a cute Mini Mail Box tutorial using Pretty Pixie Paper Pack.
Here it is:

Let's start with the tutorial:
Take one sheet from Pretty Pixie Paper Pack of your choice and draw the lines as shown in picture.
Cut and fold the same as above.
Stick 0.5"x4" part to the opposite side to make such a dome.
Now, fold the dome on both the sides one by one and draw the circle with pencil.
Draw such triangles as shown in picture on any one side, cut both the sides and stick the side with triangles from inner side of the dome. Cut the drawn half circle on the other side.
It will look like this.
Take one stripe of 1.5"x10", score at 0.5" and cut such triangles in the same way as before and stick the same to the lose half circle to make door of the Mail box. If 10" is longer than needed, cut the same accordingly.
I gave it a magnetic closure.
Base is ready. :)
Now time to decorate and add some mails in it. I made 3 envelopes of 3"x3" to keep in it.
My final result of Mail Box:

I hope you liked it.
Thanks for stopping by!

Chirali :)

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