Marquee Letters - Pictorial

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Hello people!

Chirali this side with a full of lights tutorial which will be enlightened more with the use of Gilded Onyx paper pack.

Let's have a look:

Here is the pictorial:

I drew 8x8 inches squares on a cardboard with square boxes of 1x1 inches. Then drew the designs of letters keeping 2 inches width of each one and then cut the straight lines with cutter and then gave curves with scissor.

Then put the reversed letter on a reverse side of the paper and drew the letter's shape. I have selected one of the best paper packs from Papericious, according to me.

Add those patterned papers on cardboard cutouts with a strong glue.

Then I punched the letters at a random distance. 

I cut white stripes of 1.5 inches and scored each at 0.75 inch. Then glued the same on the corners of each letter. This will make each letter stand too. 

Now time to add lights. I added warm white light series, each bulb in each hole and then fix the back side with any not so strong tape on random spaces so that light doesn't come out.

Here is the final outcome!

This is for my niece who completed 3 months and I couldn't think of any other papers than this from Papericious. 

 Doesn't it look beautiful? The Gilded Onyx Paper pack has amazing colour combination with lots of golden in it.Such a versatile paper stack this is!

Here is my baby looking at her name!

I hope you liked it.

Thank you for stopping by!


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  1. Wow..very innovative idea..your cute little niece n her name in lights looks so prettyūüėć..god bless her❤️❤️.. thank you for sharing tutorial.