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Hello people.

Chirali here with a new post showing how to turn die cut boxes in a unique gift boxes. This is so much of a fun way to decorate these die cut boxes. I have a tutorial of two of such boxes. 

So here we go!! 

From left to right : Cake Pie Box, Popcorrn Box, Circle Flap Favor Box!

Popcorn Box

First of all, draw an image of one side of popcorn box, by putting a folded one side of die cut, on a back side of patterned paper. Do it 4 times.

Cut them from a bit inside than drawn image to make the base box appear as a border. 

Take a cardboard piece of 0.5", wrap it with a complementing patterned paper, do it thrice more and stick the balloon as shown in the image.

You will have the stripes visible inside the box so I repeated the first step of drawing and cutting on a blank white paper and added as a cover of stripes inside the box.

Now decorate the box as you like.

Mine is here, a unicorn themed one:

Ears and eyes are hand drawn and cut. Ears have been painted with chalk paint.

These are homemade chocolates just to show an example.

Circle Flap Favor Box

I personally love this box due to it's closure style. I wanted to make it a cuter one. Balloon has been used so now what to do?

So I have made it a cloudy one.

Have a look to the quick tutorial first:

Cut the shapes as per measurements and stick the same. If you do not have circle cutter, you can do the same thing as of popcorn box, draw and cut from little inside.

Left image shows how simply you can assemble the box. You get the box with ready tacky tape. And to give you idea about how to close this, right image will do the needful.

Complete box!! You will find a little space in the center so I decided to make clouds hanged on a small circle. 

To make the clouds, 4 cloud die cuts, 2 on front side of PP, 2 on back side so that clouds can be made as shown in below image.

Sorry for now having a tutorial on the cloud thing. 

To make such cloud, fold all the four die cuts in half and stick them together with patterned size visible outer side.

I took an aluminium ring, wrapped it with paper, make holes at almost equal distance, hanged louds with woolen white thread and decorate ring with flowers and a small tag.

To make this ring stand, I have taken a strong wired four pipe cleaners, covered with a stiff thread and made them stand on a ribbon role base.

Cake Pie Box

Above ones were the stylish and unique ones.  These boxes are beautiful in a simple way too. Simply cut and adhered patterned papers and a simple decoration which can also make a box beautiful.

I hope you like it. Do let me know if any queries are there.

Thanks for stopping by.

Chirali. :)

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