Memory box Album with a tutorial

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Hello Everyone!

I'm Manu and yes I had two consecutive posts this time on the papericious blog!!! I'm back with a tutorial on how to make a Memory Box Album!!! Well, this album can house a lot of pictures and messages, yet is very unlike the normal handmade albums we do!! This one has lots of flaps and is a lot interactive one!!! And yes, Memory Box Album is what I call this one as. Used the Ephemera collection which is the March release from Papericious and trust me, this collection is to be loved loved loved by all the Vintage loving folks out there!!! 

Here's the Memory Box Album!

I totally love making albums and different types of albums is what I look towards making !!! This one is an absolute favorite of mine these days!!

Lets see how Did I make this one!

The Good thing about this album is that keeping the base structure same, we can do a lot of different types of panel placements to make these albums interactive!!

I took a piece of 8*6 cardstock(remember to take a high gsm paper for this album). The other two panels are 4.5*8 and 4.5*8 which on which I have scored at 1/4 at three regular intervals to add dimension to the album!!! This way, while adding more panels and pictures inside, the album can accommodate everything!

Here are the measurements of the panels!!! Like I said, that there is no particular rule to be followed and the placements of the panels can be done as per your imagination and wish!! Remember to add more depth to the album on the side panels if you wish to make it very much picture centric album!!!

Here's how I have done the embellishment!

The Front page!!! 

This is how the album opens up!!

This is the right hand side panel all opened up!

Here's the middle panel opened up!! 

The middle panel has a waterfall structure to keep up with the every growing pictures and moments associated with them!!!

I hope you all liked the Memory Box album!!! Do try out the new packs and I'm sure that you will love them as much as I do!!!

Happy Crafting!

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