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Hello people.

Chirali this side with a brand new tutorial post of Accordion Recipe Book using Papericious' latest released paper pack 'Kiss the Cook'.

Here is the outer look:

Let's start with the tutorial:

Take 5 pieces of papers measuring 18"x6 1/8" scoring them at 4 5/8", 4 1/8", 4 5/8", 4 1/8" and 0.5 inches.

Attach all the pages at 0.5" scored portion. (By misake, I wrote 6" instead of 6 1/8")

Once it's done, accordion will be very wide.

To handle them, pack each part with magnets as shown above.

Once you are done with one side, it will still be open from other side.

So attach magnets on other sides too.

And it will close completely.

Take two cardboard pieces of 7"x10" and one piece of 1"x10". It's a binder of accordion thing.

This is exactly same as a very common album binding technique so I am not going in detail with it.

There are two sides of accordion, one has 4 5/8" and another has 6" written on it. To hold the whole accordion, I have attached whole thing with 4 magnets.

On reverse side also, attach magnets after co-ordinating with already attached magnets.

You can see magnets on both sides.

Attached accordion!

Add flaps on both sides. Total 19 sides are there.

Now the base is ready. Start decorating it.

This paper pack has such an amazing elements to make any kind of kitchen related stuff.


Write a name on that tag, open it, attach a photo on one side and recipe on the other and you can store 19 recipes. If want only recipes, you can attach 38 recipes. Additionally you can add on the left page too which has some paper in a pocket.

Other side of accordion.

You can detach whole accordion thing too. Isn't it amazing?

Back side!

Some more pictures!

Without any single decoration element, you can make a whole thing with this gorgeous paper pack.

I hope you liked this photo heavy tutorial.

Thanks for stopping by!

Chirali. :)

Supplies used:

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  1. Wow.. very pretty recipe accordion album ..and totally love that paper pack..waiting to use that..🙂