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Hello Everyone,
Shilpa here,

Papericious has launched their own art mediums this year. And one of the important product they have now is - "Gesso"

It comes in two sizes

100g Bottle of White and Black Gesso
Price :INR190

250g Jars of White and Black Gesso
Price :INR380

 What is Gesso?
Gesso is a primer for acrylic paints, pencils, stamps, sprays, crayons.
It is a lot like a paint but dries matte.
Gesso is water based, you can add water into it and make it thinner, if you want.
Gesso is permanent after drying.

Why Gesso?
It gives tooth to the surface. The Gesso coat gives paint/colour something to hold onto.
Gesso helps to use less acrylic paints because paint doesn't soak into surface.
e.g. On Canvas, gesso prevents the fabric from soaking up the paint. The colours won’t bleed, and you won’t use as much paint.
Paint behaves differently than Gessoed surface.
Gesso makes surface more stiff.
You will have more control over colours on Gessoed surface than non Gessoed. 
You can mix paint with Gesso for tinted version of Gesso

On Which surfaces Gesso an be used?

Papericious Gesso in (150g) bottle is thin. You can squeeze bottle to pour it on your surface and spread it with brush. It gives full coverage.
Paapericious Gesso in (250g) Jar is Heavy Gesso and very thick. You can spread it directly on the surface using palette knife or with brush. It can be used to create texture with stencils as well.

Papericious Black Gesso
It gives black texture and full coverage.
Dries permanent ... looks similar to Chalkboard paint.
White and coloured pencils/ crayons/ paint pens can be used on black gesso surface.

here is my video  where you will find, how I've used Papericious Black Gesso for beautiful paint effect.

And here is my another mixed media video tutorial,
where you will find, how to create texture with Papericious Heavy Gesso.

Papericious Gesso quality is excellent and it comes with best price!!
I am big fan of this and use it for my almost every mixed media project.
Hope you have got your own Papericious Gesso Jar!

Available at:
The Craft Shop
Nirmal Stationers, Delhi
Nagashri Arts
Rainbow Craftykari
Jovita D'Souza

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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  1. Beautiful creations and love your videos great going gal!

  2. Beautiful creations and love your videos great going gal!