Embellished Notebook Tutorial

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Hello my dear crafty friends and welcome to my March Papericious tutorial.
 This is Irit from Irit Shalom Designs here with my new fancy  Papericious tutorial.

This time I made the notebook covered with Blush collection and I made it as an old fashioned door.
The wood grain cardstock in this collection was just the perfect one to make this kind of a project and yes, my door is pink and I love it this way. (Anyway, it's just a note book to use, not a real door  of your home).
So let me show you a bit of this project and then I made a full step by step tutorial for you to use and to make the similar project.
This is how it looks from the side.

And this is how it looks from the front:

And some close- ups to the front embellishments cluster.
I made it with Papericious chipboards and paper cuts and tried to stay as flat as possible as this is a notebook to use, not the canvas for wall decoration.
The only things that are non Papericious are those metal handle and the key hole.

Step by step tutorial:
1. This is a cheap notebook with hard cover I used for this project.
You can get them in each and every office shop.

2. Cut the inside with craft knife and cover the hard cover with natural canvas. I had two 12*12'' pieces of canvas that couldn't cover the whole notebook. So I covered one side and added the second piece from the back and made this pocket that can be used to keep  some notes or a pen.

3. Cut a piece of thin chipboard that  fits the cover  size and paint it with black gesso.

4. Paint  white gesso layer over the black one.

5. Cut a wood grain pink cardstock to the cover side and glue it over another piece of thin chipboard.

6. Cut the glued cardstock into strips.
Make the frame with first 4 thin strips over the basic painted chipboard as shown.

7. Add more gesso inside the frame making it as a wood texture.I found that the best tool to make it is an old tooth brush  where you cut out each second row.

8.Mist the wet gesso with Crushed Shells mist to get this " kind of the old" look.
 Let it totally dry!

9. Cut more cardstock over chipboard strips and arrange the door as shown.Don't try to make it perfect: this is an " old" hand made door; kind of add any wood piece you have one.

10. Add the metal handle and the key hole.
Secure the upper vertical strip with two small brads.

11. Hand cut the cardstock pieces you want to add to your embellishment cluster.

 12. Glue the cardstock piece inside the notebook - one side over the cover and second side over the notebook pages that were cut out before we wrapped the cover.

14. Make the embellishment cluster with chipboards that were painted with black and gold acrylics.
Arrange the chipboards and the cardstock pieces as shown.
Mist the " REMEBER" title with the same mist used over gesso.Glue the " door" piece over the canvas cover with good fabric to paper glue.
Enjoy your embellished notebook!

Papericious Products used :
Blush collection
Papericious Premium Edition - Blush

Chipboard - Heart Collage
Chipboard - Heart Collage - ALL YOURS
Theme Chipboard- Moments
Theme Chipboard - Moments
Chipboard- Bubble
Chipboard - Bubble

Chipboard-Moroccan Lattice
Chipboard - Moroccan Lattice

 See you around in about two weeks!

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