The Happiness Box!!!!

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Hello Everyone!!!

This is Manu here and I have a surprise for you, A Happiness box is what I call it!!!
I'm sure you all must have gotten your this months release by now?? No, why wait?? grab these super yumm papers soon (I'm gonna get a few more for myself very soon) The new release i.e 'Happy Birthday' and 'Pretty Basics' is a super bright and fun filled one!!! 

Being true to it's name, I used the 'Pretty Basics' collection to make up this pretty box!!! The Happiness Box!!!

Liked the Teaser?? Lets checkout the complete project!!!! 
Here's the Box for you!!!

The top panel!!

I also have a tutorial on how to make this one!!! It's pretty simple and easy peasy!

1. Take a 12*12 cardstock and score it along 4'' and 8'' on two sides, you will end up having 4" square on your cardstock. 
2. Now, cut through(lets say top right hand one) one flap on each side and then fold your box in from all the ends, you will end up having a box like in the picture below.
3. To make the lid, since my box width is 4", I took a 7" square (now here's the tip, I measure 7.1" ie. 1MM extra on two sides so that the box can go inside the lid easily) and then score at 1.5" at all the ends. Shape it like the lid . 
4. Tadaaaa, your box is ready to be embellished!!! Go wild with making your Happiness box pretty and full of fun!!

I made a cake inside and embellished it with flowers. For the flaps, I had 4 sentiments along 4 sides and then left 4 places empty to put the pictures!!!

Here's the box completely opened up!

A  Few more closeups of the box !!

I hope you liked the Happiness box, do try making one for yourself and do not forget to share your creation with us!
Ohh yeah, you have 2 more days until 10th to enter into this months challenge!!!
Find all about the challenge here!
This months challenge is a treat for all you vintage lovers!! Go, go, check it all out!!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. What a great twist to an explosion box! Love it!

  2. Awesome! Easy to make, simple tutorial :) And of course a lovely box!

  3. Awesome way of creating an explosion box!1 Love the idea!! :)
    Suchi xx