Colorful layout with Pretty Basics

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Hello and good morning! ^__^

It's the weekend and I hope you are also chilling and thinking of catching up with all that crafting!

I'm Halak and today I'll be taking you through a tutorial using the vibrant Pretty Basics paper pack by Papericious. (A fun project to try out this weekend, what say?)

Let's get started!

It all began with the layering of papers.

Pretty Basics is so colorful and gorgeous that I simply couldn't help myself! I wanted to use all the pattern papers from this one! So I came up with a background that uses 5 different sheets.

Check it out :

First, I arranged them loosely in this manner for my layout.

After this, I took a piece of white cardstock and stamped a sentiment.

I wanted an uplifting motivating sentiment that I could frame, so I went for this one.

Next I did a little stamping around it followed by some stenciling using blue and purple inks.

Notice that I added a few bits of washi tape too.

After this step, I wanted some more layering so decided to use pieces from Pretty Basics sheets for that.

With all that thinking, hand-tearing the paper and gluing this is what my base looked like :

So colorful!

Tip : Notice that I adhered all pattern papers to right hand side (RHS) top and bottom edges.

Why did I do that?
To maintain balance.

The design strips on my layout background are focusing towards the LHS.
If I didn't balance it out by building up layers on RHS, the project would not be visually pleasing.

Remember, whenever you create a project, think of the background and tie-in your elements with it while maintaining balance.

Once this was done, I arranged and glued my pattern papers in the format shown in the second picture and adhered based over it.

Here's the picture :

I wanted a tiny portion of the pattern paper towards the RHS bottom too, so I cut up a few strips and glued them.

Also added a red butterfly punch out.

Finally gave the butterfly a coat of sparkle and adhered a few sequins to finish it off!

That's how I did it!

Tip : I used a whole bunch of colors because I wanted my project to be all colorful but if you don't want that, you can pick a color scheme you like and work with that.
Example : Warm colors like red, orange and cool colors like blue and green etc.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and will give it a go! ^__^ In case of any difficulty, feel free to ask about this project in the comments below and I will most certainly reply to it!

Signing off with a close up, till next time dear friends!

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  1. Fantastic work, Halak and great tips. You used the patterned papers really well.

    1. Thank you so much dear Jasleen! ^__^ <3 *Hugs*

  2. What a pretty layout Halak... I love the way you have done the colourful layering and the beautiful focal you have created.loved your tutorial too.. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. I'm glad you liked it dear Hussena! Thank you so much! *Hugs* ^__^ <3

  3. Great tips and beautiful cards Halak.

  4. Nice use of pattern papers,and that punched out butterfly going well with the stamped sentiment.Thanx for sharing. 😊☺

    1. Thanks so much Kriti! ^__^ <3 Glad you liked it!