Paper bags with Papericious - Orange Fall, Happy Halloween!

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Hello & Good Morning!

I'm Halak and I'll be taking you through a really cool tutorial today.

How to make paper bags without any fancy tools and equipments!

I have used the AWESOME sheets from Papericious - Orange Fall paper stack.

It's Halloween time folks, and even though it is not exactly celebrated in India, I thought it'd be fun to make small paper bags and fill them with treats, Halloween style!

Let's get cracking then!

These are the beautiful 12" by 12" sheets from Orange Fall paper stack that I used. (Soooo pretty....)

I'll explain the process by showing you what I did with one sheet of paper. I made all the bags in this exact same way.

So, I took one sheet and turned it over and drew a line at 14.5 cms.
(If you get confused, see the cutting mat, each square of the cutting mat equals 1 centimeter.)

I haven't cut the sheet yet, the photo is cropped to show you the line that has been drawn a tad better.

After this, I scored the line using a scoring tool and folded the sheet.

Then I measured 1 centimeter (cm) from the right hand side edge and scored that too.

You can see the 1 cm scored edge in the picture below.

After that I applied glue on the edge and pasted it.

At this stage, this is what my project looks like :

After this, I scored 2 cm on the right and the left hand side of the project.

Here's the picture :

The key to getting a perfect bag is to score correctly.

After scoring, remember we had a 1 cm edge on the right hand side that we glued down?

Well we do the same and create a 1 cm edge at the bottom of the bag, because without it, the stuff we put in the bag will fall right out!

So I created a 1 cm edge at the bottom which looks like this :

After this I applied some glue on this edge and sealed it up too, just like how I did the first edge.

Then, just like how I scored the right and left hand side, I scored the top and bottom of the bag using the same measurement of 2 cm.

After scoring, it's time to shape the bag.

Have you noticed in paper bags how the edges of the bag's base are neatly foldable making the paper bags easily stackable?

We have to do the exact same thing and that will lead us to this :

They kinda look like kitten ears, don't they? Lol... Stay with me guys, we're almost there!

Glue down those triangles (kitten ears) and fold the scoring that we did on the top of the bag and push it inside the bag.

If you want, you can make a bag without scoring at the top, just score on right hand side, the left and bottom.

The reason why I  scored at the top is to give the bag a uniform neat look. (Yeah, I'm kinda weird that way!)

Ta Dah! Check these out! (You can see here the scoring on top that I pushed inside the bag for that neater look!)

Once the bags were ready I punched holes in the bags and set black and white eyelets.

It's time to decorate!!! ^__^

Yup, I did a Halloween themed look complete with ghosts, skeletons, sticker sentiments and a whole lotta sequins!

You can use strings to make your bag a cool little carry bag or you can affix a ribbon through the holes and tie them up into a neat little bow to make it a cute treat bag!

You can make bigger bags using two sheets of Papericious 12" by 12" instead of using a single sheet per bag like I did.

I had a blast making these bags which I filled with candy (and also ate a whole lot of candy in the process!) ^__^

Till next time folks! Have a lovely day!

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  1. Wow what a lovely bags, soo beautiful

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so very much Dr. Sonia! ^__^ <3 *Big Hugs*

  3. Such adorable gift bags, Halak. Loved your step by step tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

    1. So glad you liked the tutorial Hussena! ^__^ Thank you so much dear! <3