Door Hangers with Papericious Adhesive Buttons!

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Hello! ^__^

I'm Halak and today I bring to you something that is super fun to make using the AMAZING new release at Papericious, the Adhesive Buttons!

I made.... Door Hangers!

It's my very first time and I was a tad nervous but boy.. I sure am glad to see the way they turned out!

Let's call the orange and black door hanger on the left, DH (Door Hanger) #1 and the one on the right, DH #2.

Here's how I made them :

DH #1

1. I took a sheet of paper from the lovely - Orange Fall paper stack by Papericious and covered my wood base.

2. After that, I decided I wanted to go with the black Adhesive Buttons, so I picked the Be You button pack to work with.

3. Once I decided where to place them, I put them aside and began stenciling to create the background I thought of with a couple of stencils.

Tip : For a texturized look, always opt for more than one stencil.

4. Then, I placed the buttons back on, this time after removing the protective backing and stuck them firmly to the project along with some butterflies and black sequins!

5. I also dug up some black and white stickers from my stash [the word Hope and the tiny design on the black circle are stickers] and added them to DH #1. (Have I told you I absolutely LOVE collecting stickers?)

That's it! Super easy! Check this cool close up pic out!

Now onto DH #2

This is how I did it :

1. The background for this is a lovely sheet from my favorite paper stack... yup, The Vintage Attire by Papericious.

I wanted to make this one for my sibling and she LOVES all things PARIS!
When I think of Paris, don't know why... Vintage Chic is what comes to my mind so that is what I decided to go with.
The Adhesive Buttons are from the Paris button pack.

2. When I looked closely at the buttons, I absolutely loved how the Eiffel Tower images on the buttons had pretty flowers so I inked up some flower stamps in red and added them randomly to the project.

Did you know, Papericious papers are archival safe, acid and lignin free and are FANTASTIC for stamping on and even color blending! ^__^

3. Once the flowers were stamped, I stamped a nice sentiment cos well... let's face it, all siblings are pretty awesome! (No matter how much we fight with them most of the times! LOL)

4. Again, just like how I did it for DH #1, similarly, I took a couple of stencils with my Papericious Blending Tool (Circle) and began stenciling to my heart's content.

5. I cut up some leaves from My Golden Garden embellishment sheet and stuck them to the project followed by the buttons. I also scattered a couple of tiny black leaves in the background.

6. Lastly, punched out a few green butterflies, glued them to the project and gave them a matching rhinestone center.

And it's done! Here's another close up.

I had so much fun working with these buttons.... and my sibling was absolutely stoked with the fact that I made one for her in her favorite theme.

She was seen showing it off around the house. Here's her door....

Till next time dear friends! ^__^ Have a lovely day! *HUGS*

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  1. Both your doorhangers are beautiful Halak ..Those buttons look so pretty..Love the way you have used them :)

    1. Thank you so very much dear Hussena! ^__^ <3 *Big Hugs*

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much dear Shalini! ^__^ <3