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“The life of a Mother is the life of a child…
… You are two blossoms on a single branch”

Giving birth to a baby is one of the most pleasant experience for a woman. It’s like being born again.
The little life makes you complete. When you feel the first kick and hear a tiny heart beat inside you, 
you suddenly understand what it means to love someone more than your own life.

The 39 weeks of this lovely journey is to be cherished and remembered for lifetime.
So here, friends and crafters,
I present to you a “Pregnancy Memoir Notebook” – 
in which you not only preserve the memories of this lovely journey,
stick those treasure pictures, keep a record of the life developing inside you,
but also can pen down your experiences, your esctasy and tribulations,
your eccentricities, your mannerisms and food cravings…
and your deepest feelings for someone who is gonna be your life – 
your heart walking outside your body.

Kudos to Papericious to have come up with such
lovely pattern stack titled Mom to be.
It is one complete set to create this lovely and thoughtful Memoir book.
Each pattern paper in this stack made me reminiscent of that
lovely period which I have been through while I was carrying my daughter.
And would make all of you excited to make this lovely crafty note book. Pix below

I hope you all must have enjoyed the inspiration
and would love to hear your words.
Thank you

Hugs and Regards

Have A Great Day!!!

Papericious Products Used:
MoM-To- Be
Lace Flower

The products are available at the following stores.
Nirmal Stationers, Delhi
Raj Stationers, Ahmedabad

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