Treat Basket and a tutorial

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Hello Everyone!!

I'm Manu and I have a super cute basket to share with you all today!! This basket can be a super way of gifting gifts to your loved one and is pretty simple to make as well!! Now you can gift anything in style!!!
I received the Bird song paper pack in my DT packet and loved the soft colors this pack has. So decided to make a basket!
Check it out here!

Now this sure is a pretty way to hand out the gifts!! Right!!

Lets check on how this one was made!!!

1. Take a 12*12 piece of cardstock (make sure that it's a sturdy one) and score ar 4" and 8". Turn it at 90Degree and again score at 4" and 8" . You would get a 4" grid pattern on your paper.
2. Now, take one side and cut through the 4" slot marked and 8 inches slot marked for 4 inches each. rotate the paper 180 degrees and cut throughh 4" and 8" slot again.
3. Now, make a valley fold across the cut out paper and make a shape like below.

The base of your basket is ready and now you can adorn it with papers and embellish the way you like!

Here's how I did mine !

I hope you liked the basket and would definitely want to try out one for yourself!! after all who doesn't likes gifting in style!!!

Until next time!!
Ohh yes, do participate in the current challenge!! It's all about cooking up a Recipe!
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Happy Crafting!

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