Mixed Media Fridge Magnets using the 'Dusk and Dawn' Collection

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Hello Everyone!!

I'm Manu here and i'm back with another gorgeous range from Papericious!!  It's the "Dusk and Dawn" collection and this is one collection loved by everyone who adores the purple hues!!  The purples in this stack are something to look forward to!! 
Here's what I made with them, Fridge Magnets!!!! I know, I'm kind of very biased for making a lot of these, but then the Fridge magnets is something which I truly love!!! The sight of an empty fridge makes me sad and I have lots and lots of them stuck up on my fridge (Much to the dismay of my husband and the delight of my little one, who loves standing on her toes to get hold of them) I even have wooden numerals meant for my little one, converted into magnets, by placing magnets behind and they happily now sits there and is something which I keep reciting to my young one whenever we pass from there!!! So much so for my love for magnets!!

I have a little tutorial on how to make these as well, so you can sit back, relax and checkout on how I made these mixed media fridge magnets!

I took a sturdy cardboard and wrapped one of the all purple pattern paper from the 'Dusk and Dawn' collection. 

While making this one, I thought about if would be nice if I make one more (so much obsessed!) So I did the same with another sturdy cardboard and painted them complete with Gesso!! I mixed in a little water so that I have some color peeping from beneath! 

Once the Gesso was dry, I used the stencils to give them a little texture! Have used a brick stencil and a damask on the other one!

Once the base was dry, I used Lindy's starburst to give colors!!! I used lindy's on one of the magnet and acrylic color (yellow, orange) on the other one! 

Once I was happy with the way my magnets looked with the colouring, I went ahead and arranged my embellies on both and once I was satisfied, I stuck them on!!

Here's the final and closer looks!
Here are both the magnets again for you to check out!!! I like the bright yellow look the right side one has!!

Remember the circular Sheets?? I used the circular embellishment from it and used Modge Podge 3D To make it 3- Dimensional !

The blank white space is for pictures!!! Checkout the gorgeous beads there. These too are stuck with glossy accents and they look fab on the projects!

I hope you liked the magnets I made and do come back for some more DT Inspiration!!

Happy Crafting!

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1 comment:

  1. Beautiful fridge magnets Manu....love the vibrant colors and the tutorial you have shared...awesome work