Love Shadow Box Frame - Tutorial

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Hello people.

Chirali this side with a different use of Papericious shadow box, that too with a pictorial. It's a photo heavy post so sit back, relax and enjoy.

Here is the final outcome of the frame:

Let's start with the tutorial:

I took one shadow box frame, four small steel wire ropes and a lid of a bottle along with the hand drill machine. I made a hole in the center of lid.

Then made a whole in the frame.

Then I took a thread and wrapped it, leaving some portion on both sides plain, around the four steel ropes with the glue.

One side of the wires were arranged in the lid as shown in the picture and other side was fit in the frame as shown in below picture.

Then I took a stripe of a thick millboard of 1x12 inches with a fold at 6 inches and another cutout of 3x7.5 inches and made a triangle by cutting two sides to the one side at 3.75 inches.

Glued with the glue gun.

Then glued the hut kinda thing on the top of the frame with glue gun.

Then I painted whole thing with Pearl Pink chalk paint, leaving the portions blank which are going to be covered by paper. I have used Love Actually paper pack.

So we are ready with base. Now decorate it as you like. :)

So mine is here:

Some closeups: 

A 3D star chipboard of Papericious, painted with pearl pink chalk paint and gave it a coat of frosting powder with the use of soft gloss gel.

The star is a hanging one and behind that, there is a cute heart smiley from the paper pack.

I used a brick stencil and a soft gloss gel to get a brick effect and then sprinkled frosting powder. Photo does not give a proper justice but it looks beautiful in person.

And the back side!!

Isn't it a perfect home decor piece? Grab your frames and make your homes beautiful with them.. :)

So that is it for the day. I hope you liked it.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Chirali. :)

Supplies used:

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