Mixed Media Card with Papericious Infinity Collection

11:00 am Shilpa Nagaonkar 8 Comments

Hello Everyone,
Shilpa here,

I've mixed media card to share with you today!

I've used Papericious Infinity Collection. It has beautiful soft color mixed media papers .....
LOVE them!!

Card is 6*6" in size. I created two layers with Papericious papers. You will find  Pink roses are peeking from below. Edges of papers are distressed.

I've created texture design with modelling paste and stencil for more interest.
Clock image is a diecut available in the Papericious colletcion, I inked it a bit with Spun sugar distress ink, I used Papericious blending tool for that.

I've created lots of layers with doilies, diecuts, chipboard, leaves, flowers and laces.
Many of these embellishments are created with Papericious papers.

Hope you liked my card!
Papericious Infinity collection is awesome for making anything....layouts, canvas, 3D projects, cards, altered art. 

Thanks so much for stopping by.


How to use Blog Page & Notes Page in a Planner

10:38 am Unknown 4 Comments

Hello, good morning! ^__^ 

I'm Halak and today we're going to be specifically talking about :

1. My Blog Posts Page and,
2. Notes Pages

Now, I'm working with the Color Splash planner, but please do remember that this information is equally applicable to the Retro Chic planner.

So let's get on with it!

My Blog Posts Page

Here's a picture of what the page looks like in the planner :

As you can see, it consists of 8 sections with 5 checklist boxes in each.

It's a whole lotta space actually which is meant for the entire month. So, if you have fewer blog posts, use each section for each post reminder, and if you have a lot of blog posts, write them under one another in the sections.

I like to have a record of all my DT commitments in one page, so I turned this into a blog post reminder for all my assignments.

Check it out :

I have removed the page from the planner to help you have a better look at what I did.

Kept it fairly simple, using few embellishments as I didn't want to go overboard and lose track of my main aim : all information in one page.

Added a few flowers, butterfly punch-outs, stickers by Papericious. (To do & Party, sheet included in planner kit.)
The happy sentiment card in pink that you see on bottom right hand side is also by Papericious. (Included in planner kit.)
The heart stickers at the bottom left is a local buy.
As usual, I keep ticking off the items that I am done with and I took some pink ribbon + red tacky tape and created a tab for quick access.

Notes Pages

Ah yes... the notes pages... what do we need these for... do we need these? If we plan for every day... why are these in the planner? Stay with me, you are about to know what it's all about.

This is what the notes pages look like in Color Splash, and there are three pages allotted for each month.

Now, some people do not feel the need to use the notes pages and what they do is, remove them from the planner to reduce planner weight, but I truly feel that the notes pages can come in really handy. How?

What notes pages can be used for :

1. These can be used to store your favorite accessories.
Have a favorite sticker and fear that it will get misplaced? Or, have some favorite quote that you would love to read frequently? Favorite image stamp? Slap them on here! There is ample of space and you can view the things you like the most every day! What better way to start the day than with a healthy dose of positivity!

2. Important Contacts
You can use the notes pages to jot down important contacts, addresses etc.
Example : Doctor's phone number, Child's teacher's phone number.

Also, you can use it to pen down stuff like medicines and vitamins that are needed on a monthly basis, especially for senior members of the family.

3. Goals
Yes! Write down the goals for the month! I tell you, finishing and ticking off the goal from the list? Happiest moment ever!

4. Budget
The details for the budget and savings of each month can be jotted down in the notes section.

5. Monthly expenses
Yeah, those expenses that occur every month.... electricity, insurance, gas, water etc.
Use this page to note down the complete list of expenses along with the due-dates for ease of access and to also help you plan your month better!

And there you have it! Notes pages, demystified.

Alas, my notes consist of a boring list of meds for my granny + doctor's number so I am going to avoid sharing that, but I do hope you enjoyed reading this and learnt something new!

Till next time dear friends, have a lovely friday and an awesome weekend! *Big Panda Hugs* <3

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Monthly and weekly pages in planner

9:41 am kavitha 0 Comments

Hello everyone,
 Its Kavitha here today and i am sharing the inside pages of my planner.Hope you are enjoying amazing tips from all our DT's.I never used a planner and this is something new to me.So i kept my pages quiet simple,so let see the first page on my planner

I used a insert to match the cover page of my planner(if you remeber i made it in teal color) and used some inspirational words stickers and a die cut from papericious .

Here is the insert page for February ,i have used some love theme stickers and word sticker is from the planner kit.

Here is my monthly page for February,those clear words from the planner kit is really awesome.As you can see i went crazy with sticker,i love stickers and i  hoard a lot of them and thought this is the perfect time to use them.The icon stickers are from the planner kit, you get a lot of them and there are some really useful ones.I also used some simple stories stickers and puffy stickers from my stash.

Here is my weekly page, i mostly used it for my DT assignments and blog post.Again i used a lot of stickers and kept my page really simple(or i should say i have just started and still clueless about many thing regarding planner),but i hope you can find a little inspiration from my pages.

Happy crafting,


Tabs and Pockets in Planner- Shilpa

11:00 am Shilpa Nagaonkar 4 Comments

Hello Everyone,
Shilpa here,

Hope you are enjoying viewing lovely planners by Papercious Design team,
here is my version...

I've got this Vintage theme - Retro Chic Planner and I am loving it!! It has some beautiful papers and planner elements.

I would like to share with you ... how do I use pockets in my planner?

I pick out my favorite supplies and stuffing them into my front pocket. A full pocket  is one that will help me throughout month.
I keep the current month section in the front, you will notice, I've February month tab. I made it with diecuts which are available in Planner kit. I've also kept  small note cards, sometimes need them to write immediately. Next there are Mini washi tape bookmarks and sticker sheets. 

I wanted one more pocket in my planner so I made my own with Papericious Infinity paper pack.

I made small pocket, distressed the edges and punched the holes to add it in my planner. 
Papericious Retro chic planner has one pocket making paper sheet. I made two pockets out of it and adhered them on my large pocket to keep small things like tags.
In  my large pocket I kept planner stamps, enamel dots, and more stickers.

Here’s a look at how the whole thing works together. 

 Next.... how I added tabs to planner from Planner set

This set also contains tabs.... as I said it is wonderful planner set! 
I cut them, and attached according to the month sections...

Here are inside pages

Aren't these papers Gorgeous!!

Oaky.. we can make tabs for other sections like Goals, projects, Ideas... and many more!

Hope you liked my post and got inspired! 
Do try Papericious Planners available in many Indian Online stores!

Thanks so much for stopping by.


Bookmarks and their usage in Planners

10:30 am Manu Gupta 4 Comments

Hello Everyone!!

This is Manu here and i'm going to showcase how you can use bookmarks in your planners. My first detailed post about the color splash planner by Papericious can be seen here where I have covered an in-depth view of how to use the planners and I also have a few videos and an extensive view of how I'm using my color splash planner.
I'm sure that you must be enjoying the pretty planners that Papericious has launched, they have come up with two amazing planners, a colorful one called Color Splash and a vintage one (for the very first time) called as Retro Chic! Both are amazing and by now you might have had a look of both in the planner inspiration posts done by my fellow DT's .

I'm going to show you how I  use the bookmarks in my planner. Nothing very fancy, but it's all handmade!!! 

I have made about ten bookmarks and a few are a little different from one another. I also have a little fun technique done on how to make the bookmark last longer and avoid them being teared !

You can see a peeping head on top of the planner and a few on top of the planner. Letme show you the insides.

I wanted a few personalized bookmarks and I made then using a papericious panel and the stamps.

I kept it very very simple, nothing tooo fancy, it has some of the quotes that I really like! 
Now I also wanted this bookmark to last longer, hence I laminated it!! okay, it's not a store done lamination, but a very simple and pocket friendly which I did. I covered it up with Cellophene Tape!! Now that is sure easy peasy and it sure protects your bookmarks! 

Once I was done with how I wanted the bookmark to be, I punched the holes and slided it inside!
Notice the little label? I kept that to scribble something on it with the white board marker. Easily erasable since I have the tape on the complete bookmark! 

I also wanted a prima doll (and this stamp is a gift from a dear friend and I love this one to the core) so I used a bookmark that was included in the kit and stuck the prima doll on top. 

Here's another bookmark!!! I have always loved the Mason Jar's and I was sure I needed this one in the planner!

I made my own Shopping list panel!!! 

and here's a MENU planning bookmark that I did!!! The good thing about these bookmarks is that they are re-writable and can also flop from one week to another!! So I need not make a  new one each week!

Here are a few more bookmarks that I made!!! 
See that butterfly, bunny and the apple one?? They are all handmade!!! All I did was to stamp the images I like, color the, protect them with the tape and then mounted them on to the u-clips that one can get in the local store!!! 

The Bunny with the quote and the one with flower is made in a little different way! I took a bookmark that came along and folded it in half, then using some magnetic tape, I cutted out strips of magnetic tape and glued it to the inside of the folded bookmark on both the sides!! Now, you can embellish the bookmark!! Easy peasy, Isn't it??

I'm sure your must have liked the little itty bitty things I have done to make my planner all bright and fun looking!!! Who says that the planning part is boring and dull?? It's all fun and super exciting to do when you all a few things to jazz up and color the planners!!
I do hope you all would love to make a few things for your planners too!! I hope you do!! 
Do letme know if you liked the post and until next time!!

Happy Crafting!!


How to use stickers in your Retro Chic planner !

11:00 am Hussena 4 Comments

Hello everyone,
This is Hussena here and today I am sharing with you all the different accessories and stickers that you get with the Papericious Retro Chic planner and how to use them.

First let's have a look at what you get along with the Retro chic planner :
As you can see above, you get 3 sticker sheets and one journal tabs/tags sheet with your planner. 

Here's a closer look at all the 3 sticker sheets when taken out of their packaging :
The sheet on the left hand side is the icons and tabs sheet. It contains various stickers for your day to day use and I will be showing you how I have used them in my below pictures. The sheet in the middle is a clear sticker sheet with some fun sentiments and images and when you stick them on paper they seem almost like stamped images.
The third and the last sheet on the right hand side is the hole-guard sheet and it helps to reinforce your planner pages. See the picture below to get an idea on how it's used :

The brown circle you see below the binder rings are the hole-guards.

Now moving on to how to use the Icon and tabs stickers in your planner. Here's how I have used them in mine :

This is the monthly spread page and the dollar icon on the first represents the due payments that I have to make on the first of the month. The telephone icon against my mom's doctor appointment is self explanatory..Also notice that I have highlighted certain dates by using colored round stickers. These were actually punched from a colored cardstock. I have also done some stamping to highlight certain important dates.

This is my first week spread for the month of February. Here I have used a couple of stickers, washi tapes and stamping to make my page more colorful.

As you can see, I have used the 'Pay Day' icon sticker for the first of the month when I supposedly get my salary :)...You can use this on any date on which your payday falls though. The blue 'To do' sticker along with the horizontal 'heart checklist' sticker  is to note down the tasks for the given day or even the tasks you have to do in the particular week.

There are small 'Happy birthday' banner stickers included in the icon sheets to help you highlight the birthdays you want to remember of your family or friends.

The Weekend highlighter sticker.

The shopping cart icon sticker.

This is the second week of Feburary page and I have highlighted the Valentines' day with a quote taken from our If Only collection.

I have used the transparent stickers on the dotted washi to highlight the important task I had to do before V-day.

The Instagram icon.

The dinner icon and the 'To buy' tab.

And lastly, the blog challenge page and I have embellished it with a few die cuts from our Infinity collection and Golden Garden collection.

Hope you find this info useful for using the stickers in the Retro Chic Planner. If you have any questions regarding any of the icons stickers, do let me know in the comments and I will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you so much for joining me today and have a nice day everyone :)