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Hello people.

Chirali this side and I have a very easy project which you can make in no time with Papericious products. It is a Desk Organizer made from wastage lying since long time and using a shadow box and Gilded Onyx paper pack of Papericious.

Here we start:

I had many tape rings of different sizes and two chocolate tins. I organised them as shown in the picture by gluing the same.

Then I painted each one's edges and entire inside part with black gesso (except tins as they had a nice golden colour)

Then I took a stripe a little smaller then it's height. Length was measured by wrapping it.

I did the same to all the stands and glued them with tacky tape.

This is how they look after completion.

I added paper to the shadow box too and organised the stands in it.

We are almost done. Time to decorate it.

So I am done. 

Lids of those chocolate tins were added in the bottom of the small two stands to make everything stand in it.

I added golden flowers and leaves and lace, keeping it simple.

That glittery sentiment back was made by adding glitter to decoupage glued glass surface and then took it off once dry. One must try it if glitter is love.

So that's it for the day. It is super easy and super quick to make.

Thanks for stopping by.

Chirali. :)

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