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Hello people.

Chirali this side and today I have a tutorial to share with you all for a very easy handmade makeup organizer which is sturdy as well as long lasting too. And and and, papericious has so so beautiful decoupage paper for your perfect make up organizer.

Here is a glimpse of the final thing:

Let's start with the tutorial:

Take two cardboard pieces measuring 10.25"x10.25" and mark them on four sides at 1".

The most important part is this. Take a cutter and a scale, cut the drawn lines firmly and slowly and only once. It just needs to be cut at half of it's thickness. Then cut the four corner squares.

Then take 8 pieces of paper measuring 2"x0.75", score each at 1" and put a tacky tape on the inside fold.

The small pieces are to be used to join the sides of cardboard and to make a box. This is the easiest way I have found to make a box. We have two parts ready. Now time to hold them together and make a box.

The Spine: Take 3 pieces of paper measuring 2"x3", score them at 1" on 2" side and stick them with a tacky tape as shown in the picture. I have punched those waste square pieces and the punched circles have been used to make them look like hinges.

Then I attached a lock on the front with brads. You don't need to fit it firmly as this will have to be removed and will be attached at the end. This is just to mark it's place.

Base is ready. :)

So now fun part!! I painted the whole box with pearl pink chalk paint, decoupage the papers, make the partitions in the box with cardboard stripes and sealed the whole box with decoupage glue.

Here is the final box:

And the INSIDE:

I have put a lace as a carpet ;) and the space for photo or mirror which I will put up later.

Even I added a pink ribbon on sides to make it stand when open.

And how it looks when filled with lots of makeup stuff?

I loved it because it's sturdy and easy to clean up and compact too to store all the essential routine stuff.

I hope you liked it.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Chirali. :)

Supplies used:

1. Chalk Paint - Pearl Pink

2. Decoupage Glue

3. Decoupage Paper - Fashionata 8x8

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