Ethereal Desk Organizer and White Chippies

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Hello people.

Chirali this side and today I have a complete 'Papericious' project. Yes, you read it right. Each element used in this project is from Papericious.

Papericious has recently released gorgeous and beautifully designed white chippies, a tempting Ethreal paper pack and some pretty different designs of wooden desk organizers.

My this project has white chippies, ethereal paper pack and one of those desk organizers.

Here it is:

Straight angle!

A bit upper angle!

Some closeups:

You must have seen the chippies very closely. They have been used as they are in the package. No alterations at all. Aren't they the prettiest. 

I have used Papericious' Duck Egg chalk paint to paint the desk organizer, lots of papericious white chippies and Ethereal paper pack (with all the fussy cutouts from the same pack)

Finally, the look when put on the desk:

Lots of things at one place and definitely giving you the beautiful look!!

So what all do you need to make your desk look prettily awesome? One word, 'Papericious'!

Hope you liked it. Thanks for stopping by.

Chirali. :)

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